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Frightful Furni Line Header
Double, double toil and trouble... Light up your cauldron and watch it bubble! Available for a limited time Habboween 2013 furni is here...

The Frightful Furni line was released for Habboween 2013. It is made up of 36 new furni, and 2 costumes. A new bundle called the Beastly Bundle was released aswell. It included 81 of the furni in this line. Rares were also released for about 8 hours at a time.

Frightful furni line image


Bed made of a scroll - Railing of dwarf heads - Corner of the dwarf railing - Blood Drips - Castle Door - Castle Gargoyle - Castle Wall - Cracked Mirror - Dark Spades Card Tile - Floating candle - House of Cards Table - Metal Corner - Metal Gate - Pig Candelabra - Pocket Watch - Poisonous Apple Tree - Reaper Teleport - Red Spades Card Tile - Stage 2x2 Piece - Tea Cup Seat - Tea set - Troll Bridge End - Troll Bridge Middle - Castle Wall with window - Castle Wall Spike - Castle Turret block - Castle Turret Block with window - Castle Turret Top - Metal Fence - Castle floor tile - Thorny grass - Guts Floor Piece - Terrifying background - Stage 1x1 Piece - Thorny Divider - Thorny Divider Corner Piece


Goblin mask - Mutant mask

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