The Haunted Carnival furniture line was introduced for Habboween 2012 and features games and designs commonly found in funfairs with a haunted twist.


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Target! Small hween12 dartboard - Cage Small hween12 cage - Costume Gate  Small costume gate- Misfortune Teller  Small hween12 fortune

Fairground Grabber Small hween12 grabbyLantern  Small hween12 lantern - Snake Skin Small hween12 shedskin - Test Your Strength! Small hween12 strsengthtest - Fairground Divider Habboweendivider

Gory Floor Small hween12 floor - Scarecrow Small hween12 scarecrow - Executioner's Coffin Small hween12 coffin - Guillotine Small hween12 guillotine - Costume Hopper Small hween12 costume hopper - Ghost Light Small hween12 orb

Ghost Train Left Corner Small hween12 track crl - Ghost Train Right Corner Small hween12 track crr - Ghost Train Track Small hween12 track

Ghost Train Car Small hween12 cart - Fairground Of Fear Small roombg hween12 - Moon Light Small hween12 moon - Fairground Entrance Small hween12 entry

Habboween 2012 Rares

Wolf Small hween12 wolf - Duck Ride Small hween12 duck - Cannon Small canon - Magic Mirror Small hween12 mirror


Classic Habboween Furni Habboween2012pumpkincurrencyicon - Background Toner

Psst, did you know that costumes were also added Habboween 2012?

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