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Hero Zero is a strategy game developed by: Playata (GmbH) and marketed by: 'European Games Group', both third-party companies.

Donuts (Currency)

Buying donuts

Donuts Shop

"Donuts" are Hero Zero's currency. They may be used to purchase special clothes, for skipping missions, and more. Donuts may be earned for free by completing missions or purchased for Habbo Coins. Each Donut roughly is worth 1 Habbo coin. However, discounts are provided with the more donuts purchased at once. Every Habbo user is given the "Hero Starter Package" offer, which is 125 donuts for 50 Habbo coins. Though Donuts may be purchased with Habbo's currency, they cannot be traded back.

Official Wiki

Hero Zero's official wiki can be found at:, managed by Cblair91.

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