Hide and Seek (also called Hide n Seek) is a user-moderated 'Room'/'Area'. The goal is to avoid being caught by the host in a classic game of hide and seek. Hide and Seek can no longer be played due to the client changes of New Habbo.



A typical set up for Hide and Seek. Note the various furni acting as obstacles.

To host a game of Hide and Seek, the player must have a Mood Light. Furni is scattered across the room to make it harder for players to move around without being spotted.

When players enter the room, they must dress up in all black (grey for non-HC members). A full black outfit makes a player invisible when the Mood Light is turned on. Once enough players are in, the host turns on the Mood Light to the darkest black setting. Anyone wearing black will become invisible in the dark. After the host says "Go!", the players will have to use stragedy and stealth to avoid getting caught by the host. Most games require the players to move around. When the host finds someone, they will turn off the Mood Light and the caught player will be asked to p2s, kick, or rev. The game continues until one person is left standing.

Due to New Habbo, Hide and Seek cannot be played anymore because the new Mood Light can't be set to the darkest black anymore.


The typical outfit suitable for Hide and Seek (Non-HC on right, HC on left).

Tips and Tactics

In some rooms, there may be "blue walls", walls that turn blue when the Mood Light is activated. Staying away from those walls can help reduce the risk of getting caught.

The Ghost effect can also be used. Using this effect increases invisibility and therefore, the chances of staying in the game.

Hiding behind furni can help. However some furni can actually reveal a Habbo's presence rather than hiding.

One useful tactic is to move a few squares. Moving too much, however, can cause you to be caught.

Speech bubbles must be removed immediately to avoid getting caught.

Hallway Version

Some Habbos also play Hide and Seek in the Hallways, as there are a variety of pathways to go.

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