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Housekeeping, commonly referred to as HK, is a web-based control panel for staff members and moderators in Habbo and Habbo Retros. Through Housekeeping, staff members can access a database of players, read chatlogs and Call For Help reports, and moderate from a remote environment. Housekeeping is a very secure environment, and in order to access it, people must need a moderator/admin rank in Habbo, as well as SSL security certificates and to be on a certain IP address. Hacking into
Habbo housekeeping

Screenshot of Housekeeping on an official hotel.

Housekeeping is nearly impossible, but a few people have managed to gain access.


Inside Housekeeping are various tools mainly used for moderation and website management. Staff members can read chatlogs, ban players directly from Housekeeping, and look up information about players, including registration date, IP address, and ban record.

Staff members can also give users coins using housekeeping but this feature is rarely used as you are meant to purchase credits. This feature is only used if a user wins in an in-game event.

Staff members can also create news articles and campaigns from Housekeeping.

Housekeeping in Habbo Retros

Housekeeping is found on all HoloCMSretros. The tools found on Housekeeping are similar to those used in Habbo; however there are other detailed tools included, such as those used for server and loader management. There are also tools for changing a player's rank. The type of server (HoloCMS, PHPRetro, etc.) used in the retro can determine the tools included in Housekeeping.
Housekeeping holocms

An example of Housekeeping found on Habbo retros.


Since Housekeeping contains many important tools and tampering with them can cause huge problems with the hotel and website, many levels of security are placed to prevent hackers from accessing Housekeeping. If Housekeeping is accessed by an unauthorized user, they might mess around with the tools, changing passwords, hacking moderator accounts, and cause serious damage to the hotel. For this reason, in order to access Housekeeping, an account with moderator/admin status must be used, and SSL security certificates must be verified. The user must also be on a certain IP address.

In 2007, one person, by the name of Finch-HIMself, managed to hack into Habbo US' Housekeeping and started to take over the hotel. According to sources, he hacked many moderators, as well as famous players. He also lent out at least 200 million coins The hotel was down for at least 5 hours that day. Soon after the hacking, rumours circulated saying Finch-HIMself got arrested, or put under house arrest. Finch-HIMself has hacked thousands of dollars worth of furni during the event.

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