The InfoBus was Habbo’s official help centre where they hosted sessions with trained counsellors from non-profit organisations. The counsellors gave advice and assistance on a wide range of topics relevant to you. This was a place where you can talk about important issues without any barriers. However, Habbo has outside companies that will promote a topic (Most-likely relating to their company).


The bus holds 10 Habbos plus a moderator and counselor who ran each session. The bus was only open at certain times when they had sessions. Towards the end of its life, the infobus sessions ceased to run, leading Habbo to remove the Infobus Park. The info bus did not drive away, much to the disappointment of many people.

Info Bus 2

Inside the info bus


  • The bus holds 10 Habbos and 1 Staff Member (Or company representative).
  • The rear exit door seems to be blocked by a table.
  • The info bus appears much larger than it does from the outside.

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