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New inventory

First released with New Habbo, the inventory is a place to hold a player's furni, pets, and badges. This system is the predecessor of the Big Hand, a tool which was used for holding (literally) furni.


In the furni sections, including Floor, Wall, and Pet items, clicking on an icon will preview an item in your inventory. It will also give the furni name and description. If the hands marker Tradeicon shows a number next to it, the item is trade-able. You can also put these items on the marketplace (But only if the item is not in the catalog at the time). The green marker Ecotronicon means this item can be placed in the ecotron. If a section is empty, a message with a 'Open Shop' button will show.

Achieved Badges

Your inventory is also where you view and wear your earned badges, And Its where you find your rented items too. You can wear up to 5 of these badges at a time. When new badges are given to you after logging in or completing an achievement, the icon will be surrounded in green to show it's new. This section will also show the badge name and description (if the specific badge has one) and will show your total Achievement score.


  • The inventory took a huge update to transfer to the 'Illumina' style that was introduced by Ediootti. Although later confirmed by Habbo, the style isn't fully Illumina, but a mixture of certain styles.


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