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In The Habbo News

Jason visits with us to celebrate the release of his second single! Jason Derülo’s smash hit single ‘Whatcha Say’ topped the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart making him one of the world’s biggest new artists with over 2 million sales in America alone. Once again produced by Jason Derülo’s mentor J.R. Rotem (Rihanna, Leona Lewis), ‘In My Head’ places far more emphasis on Derülo’s soaring vocal talents. If his last single made Jason Derülo one of the world’s hottest new stars, ‘In My Head’ proves that he can keep the hits coming.

To celebrate his next release, Jason will be joining us for a chat. Jason will be logging into Habbo from the London Habbo Office and will spend around 20 minutes with you. Don't miss your chance to chat with him! Also be sure to join his Official US Jason Derülo group page.

Check in to Habbo for the chat on Thursday Feb. 25th at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET. He will be answering your Questions live in Club Mammoth.

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