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In The Habbo News

Who is Jeb Corliss you ask? Well Jeb is known as one of the greatest BASE Jumpers in the world! From wing-suit flying to skydiving to swimming with sharks - you name it and Jeb Corliss has done it. In the world of extreme activities, there are few who can match his accomplishments. Although most of his best rides have been airborne, Jeb also snowboards, sport climbs, surfs, and rides motorcycles, all the while breaking old and setting new records!

Jeb will be on Habbo Radio Friday December 19th at 2pm PT / 5pm ET. So be sure to log on early to claim your place on the radio. You will also have until Tuesday December 16th to submit your burning questions that might be asked on the air.

Before his visit, head on over to the Jeb Corliss group page to learn more about this amazing extremist. I know I am excited about this interview because, hey, I am the Hotel Daredevil...

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