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Rapper, Musician, Recording Artist Jesse Hart Checked Into Habbo Hotel! Jesse Hart got his first taste of the limelight at a hometown pizza parlor one family karaoke night. He sang Elvis’ “I Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog” and brought the house to its feet. On top of the enthusiastic applause, he was treated to a big hug and kiss from the beautiful, blonde DeeJay. He was 5 years old. His career was launched.

Soon the enormously talented Jesse Hart is back to the limelight, exploded back onto the music scene through a combination of proven industry channels and massive online networking communities such as The favorite young teen-mag cover artist is overwhelmingly receiving more than 1,200 hits per day from all parts of the world. On his and accounts, a video-phased interactive features his latest video happenings and red carpet appearances, out-of-country performances, plus intimate personal taped-live commentaries and blogs.


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