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There are six different types of jukebox within Habbo and all of them act the same when playing music. However, the 'Big' Jukebox may hold up to 20 cds, while the rest may only hold up to 10. Jukeboxes may not be traded.

Name Image Notes
Jukebox (Classic) Jukebox 1 This Jukebox was released before all the others, and was the only jukebox for a long time. It was notably available at the time when Habbos could mix their own trax.
American Idol Jukebox Jukebox 2 Released alongside the American Idol furni,including the American Idol Trax Machine.
Idea Agency Jukebox 1111112 This version has never been available in the Habbo catalog. However, it is considered a very rare item. It was released to public Habbos in the UK in April, 2009 for the 'Childline' promotion. It once was trade-able on the marketplace, so few public Habbos own one outside of the original UK owners. Notably, Grecian9, staff member, owns one in the 'Helpline' room to advertise further.
Mega Jukebox Jukebox big Was released after the merge when Habbo fixed the jukeboxes. This Jukebox can hold up to 20 songs, making it unique form the rest.
Ghettoblaster Ghettoblaster This model was released in the 2011 Summer Season campaign.
Jukebox Pacha TV Jukebox pacha Released for a 'Pacha TV' promotion in the Habbo Spain only. Was only released in April, 2008.

The Screen to add and play CDs


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