Typical Kick The Ugly game setup. The enclosed area to the left being the waiting area. The enclosed area to the right being the gamemaster/ watch room.

Kick The Ugly (abbreviated as KTU) is a user created game in which usually 12 players, 6 girls, and 6 boys vote on who is the most attractive.


To play, Girls will sit on couches on one side of the playing area, and boys will sit opposite. Couches are positioned so all players can clearly see the other's clothing and choice of accessories. Once all seats are filled, the front gate is shut.


First, the gamemaster or host, will say either BTUG (Boys to ugly girls), or GTUB (Girls to Ugly Boys). The designated players will then line up facing the least favorable girl or boy on other side. (i.e. When the host says GTUB, all girls will rise and line up behind the ugly boy, and vice versa) The one with the most votes has usually 3 or 4 choices. They can be kicked from the room, they can watch the rest of the game, and in some cases, P2P and Rev is accepted. If they choose to watch, the host will open the door to the area where he or she is, and couches are provided for spectators. Otherwise, they are kicked from the room. Hence the name, "Kick the Ugly.". If there is a tie between votes, the host might do one of the following things:

  1. Choose his or her favorite. The one chosen will stay.
  2. Ask the waiting audience or people who voted for other players which should stay.
  3. In rare cases, the host may even implement a small game. (i.e. Guessing a number, First to wave, etc.)


Some KTU games offer a prize to the victors (whom consist of one boy and one girl). They may receive hosting rights, furni, or sometimes coins. Prizes vary depending on how the host sees value in furni. (i.e. If the winners were disrespectful to the host, the host may choose to offer a prize of less value.)

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