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Buy Pixel Furni with your Pixel Points! Earn your Pixel Points simply by being active in the Hotel, and dress up your room with killer Furni!

Kuurna was a Furni line that used to be found under the Pixel section in the Shop, and is a spin-off of Hello Furni. This line was first introduced in April 2011 and was the second Furni line that all Furni in it could be brought with pixels. It also had the first opportunity for users to buy wallpaper with pixels. This allowed many users to boost their build room achievements by adding mass wallpapers and flooring to their rooms with basically unlimited amounts of Pixels.

The section contains 7 types of standard furni, 2 floorings, and 3 wallpapers.



  • This is the first Furni line that was created exclusively to be purchased by pixels (Hello originally was paid for with Credits)

Possible Reference

  • 'Kuurna' is a restaurant in Helsinki, Finland. This is in the same Country as the Sulake headquarters.

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