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Lost Monkey is a mobile game created by Sulake available for devices running iOS. It was released on September 30, 2011. This app is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S, iPod Touch 3rd generation or later, and iPad running a minimum of iOS 3.0 and many android devices. There was also an official room released here.

The main concept of the game involves a monkey stranded on a deserted island after unsuccessfully trying to teleport back to Habbo. Players must help the monkey by playing various minigames, feeding it, and assisting in the construction of the teleport, therefore, leveling up. Once leveled up, the monkey is able to return back to Habbo, with players being rewarded a monkey.

The app was developed according to a number of surveys conducted among players, with results showing that 89% have a mobile phone and 51% possessing a portable music player, like an iPod Touch. 78% of those who own an iPhone or iPod Touch use it for gaming, and another 94% prefer downloading gaming applications above others.


Official description from the App Store:

Help your monkey get back to Habbo Hotel!

A broken teleporter has zapped your monkey across time and space to a strange tropical island. You've got to help your monkey get home by leveling up through fast-paced mini-games. Unlock valuable rewards and earn gold you can spend on toys, new games, and decorations for your monkey's island home.

Complete the game to get a free pet monkey in Habbo.


  • A fun and hyperactive pet monkey for your mobile
  • 3 addictive multi-levelled mini-games
  • A lush island paradise you can decorate and customize
  • Loads of toys for your monkey to play and interact with
  • Exclusive bonus items for Habbo Hotel
  • An exciting storyline that will capture your heart and blow your mind

Game works on: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2 and on newer iPod Touch devices (3rd generation)

Game doesn't work with iPhone 3G or older phones, or older iPod Touch devices (2nd generation and earlier)

Disclaimer: The game gives one free monkey per device.

Gameplay primarily consists of taking care of the virtual monkey by playing mini games in order to level up, feeding it bananas and energy drinks to gain energy, and entertaining it.

Mini Games

Each Minigame has 3 options of levels to it. Upgrades of mini games may be purchased with coconuts or received as a gift for leveling up on a mini game. With each added level to a minigame, the harder it gets. For example, Jungle Jam Level 1 is much easier than Jungle Jam Level 3.

  • Jungle Jam: In a Tap Tap Revenge-style game, players tap two bongos as various fruit fall towards it. A target is located on the bongo head. The objective is to tap the bongos just at the correct time when the fruit hits the middle of the target. Tapping it right on time creates score multipliers, while missing it erases them. Each game is has the same time for gameplay, therefore the songs played are the same every time you play it.
  • Copy Writer: A typewriter is shown with three keys: X, Y, and Z (sometimes, only X and Y is shown, but this is most likely due to a fresh game). At the top of the typewriter is a piece of paper with different letter combinations consisting of X, Y, and Z (e.g. YXX). The goal is to tap the keys in order of the letters shown on the paper, then swiping it afterwards. For example, the letters XYXX are shown. The player would have to tap, in this order, the X key, the Y key, and the X key another two times, then swiping the paper with their finger.
  • Banana Drama: A 9x9 grid consists of the following items: bananas bunches, hourglass, wooden crates, snakes, bomb shells, and rotten bananas. Players must tap the ripe banana bunches to fill up four slots on the left. Once filled, the crate must be tapped to box the items. Tapping the hourglass allows players to gain extra time. The snakes, bombs, and rotten bananas are not desired and are swiped away.

In-hotel rewards

Give a name to your monkey

Giving your monkey a Name.

The Lost Monkey game has made its way into the Habbo furni system since it was first released.

Furni rewards can be transferred to your Habbo account after completion of the game. Note that you must have internet connection on Lost Monkey and a Habbo account synced to obtain any of the following items and badges.


Image Name Official Description Release time Notes In-Game cost
Monkey Monkey (Pet) [None] Current Only one per account to sync into Habbo. Obtainable from double clicking the 'Monkey Statue & Nest'. This is your protagonist of Lost Monkey. Free
Monkey Nest Monkey Nest Dream away monkey boy! Current Also given from the 'Monkey Statue & Nest' Free
Monkey Statue Monkey Statue & Nest Double click to open and get your pet monkey! Current Given once your total level reaches 10 from Lost Monkey. Free
Ringringringbananadrinkmachine Banana Drink Machine Get yourself a tasty banana smoothie! Current Given at a level-up. (Level 6 agility?) Free
Lostmonkeypumpkin Happy Habboween from Lost Monkey! Lost Monkey Pumpkin No Longer Available! Released for Halloween 2011. ?
Crystal skull Crystal Skull Remember Indie 4? Current

Given at a level-up. (Level 6) Note: Though this item is available in the Lost Monkey Shop, purchasing it will not sync it with Habbo.

Penguin elf anim Christmas Penguin Aptenodytes Jolly December 22, 2011- Current Released to celebrate Winter season and new compatibility with Android devices. Once purchased from the lost monkey shop, this free item would be synced with Habbo. Free


For each level you monkey has achieved in-game, a provided badge is automatically synced with Habbo showing your monkey's level.

Image Badge and Monkey Level
ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp1 1
ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp2 2
ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp3 3
ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp4 4
ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp5 5
ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp6 6
ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp7 7
ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp8 8
ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp9 9
ACH BadMonkeyLevelUp10 10


Official Launch Trailer

Lost Monkey - Teaser Trailer01:48

Lost Monkey - Teaser Trailer

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