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Luna is a retired member of the Habbo Staff. Luna worked alongside Kedo, the former Hotel Manager. They were in fact "BFFs" (best friends forever). She was thought of as a talented pixel artist, and a great singer. She went to be on American Idol, with the hopes of winning. It is unknown whether she did or not, but it is probably a no.


After leaving Habbo Staff with the account "luna", for a goodbye party, Luna created a new account "wasluna". Her page can be found here: Note: even though Luna was considered 'Staff', she was not staff when her new account was made, leaving her without a 'Habbo Staff' Badge.

Home Page

Like many Staff members, Luna's page at is hidden, most likely by other Habbo Staff.


Immediately after the departure of Luna, Loderse (a now fired staff member), replaced Luna in the community staff need.

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