Moderation Tools (previously called "The Tool") is a tool used by staff members and moderators. The main purpose of MOD Tools is to communicate with other players, handle reports and deal with troublemakers. This tool cannot be downloaded and is only accessable by staff and moderators on the hotel.


  • Room Tool

      The latest edition of Mod Tools.

      View Room Information (Name, Description, Owner)
    • View Chatlog (All messages from the last view hours)
    • Edit Room Information
    • Kick all users from the room.
    • Change room lock to doorbell.
    • Send a message to all users in the room.
  • User Info
    • View Username, Calls for Help, Cautions, Bans, Trade Locks, Last Login, Registered date, online status, user email address and their IP address.
    • View user's recent chat history.
    • Send user a message or caution.
    • View recent rooms the user has been in.
    • Ban, Kick or Mute User
  • Ticket Browser
    • Review recently submitted calls for help.
    • Accept a call for help and deal with it.
    • Close the call for help and take action on reported user.