CA Merge

The error page during the US-Canada merge.

A maintenance break occurs when an entire Habbo website is temporarily closed to players, leaving them unable to access the website and/or client. Usually, only Habbo staff can access the website during a break. This often happens during a major update in which new features are being installed, or a number of other reasons (see below). During a maintenance break, a custom error page is shown; although in some cases, the domain may fail to load, resulting in a 404 error.

Most maintenance breaks last for a few minutes or seconds, but there have been reports of breaks lasting several hours, days, weeks. In rare cases, months.

Reasons for maintenance breaks can range from mere bug fixes to new features being added. During the 2010 merges, the affected hotels were under maintenance break while the merge was underway. In rare, extreme cases, a website may be closed for many hours or even days during a major exploit in security. This has been reported in late 2008 when Habbo US has been under attack by a hacker.

Old mb

A screenshot of the old maintenance break page during the Old Habbo era.

Maintenance breaks are different from connection issues, in which the entire community cannot connect to Habbo instead of one player. Maintenance breaks also can't be fixed by basic troubleshooting such as rebooting your computer and clearing your browser cache.

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