Vip Visit

On the 11th of June, 2007, Pop star and actress Marisa Lauren most widely known for her role in "Superhero Movie" (2008) visited the hotel to promote her music.

You can read the Habbo news article here which promoted her visit.


The Habbo News Article

Upcoming pop star, Marisa Lauren checked into Habbo's theatredome on June 11, 2007 In a world of cookie cutter pop-stars, Marisa Lauren is breaking the mold with her refreshing sound and punk rock style that isn’t anything like the bubblegum characters that she plays on TV. This woman’s roots are firmly planted with her alternative rock persona and it is only a matter of time until she is breaking the barriers of the pop tabloid generation of music.

For the past couple of years Marisa has been a regular guest star on the hit show, “South of Nowhere,“ a controversial teen drama which deals with a number of hot topics not normally discussed on your average teen cable show. The flexibility of her role has allowed her to continue pursuing her true passion, music. In fact, last year she produced her own music video (starring a number of cast members and fans of the show) which debuted on the season finale episode of the show. Although “South of Nowhere” has really thrust Marisa into the spotlight, she is no stranger to performing...she has been doing it since she was just six years old. While living in Florida, she joined a girls singing and musical revue group, which gave her plenty of performing experience. 100 hour-long shows a year and four years of performing the national anthem and halftime shows for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, L.A. Lakers and New York Knicks prepared her for any grueling shoot schedule that she would ever have to endure. Her impressive work ethic and multi-ethnic good looks have allowed her to portray a wide variety of characters which has kept her working steadily since she got into the business. Marisa has starred in a number of national commercials for Nickelodeon and Disney, as well as guest starring roles on such television shows as “The Shield,” “Charmed,” and “American Dreams…” just to name a few. Although she has had a successful career thus far as an actress, it is music that inspires her most.

You can find her songs on iTunes, MTV, The-N, and CDUSA. Also, check out her music video at'


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