Masquerade header

"Celebrate a romantic evening with your Valentine with this Venetian Masquerade Ball furni."<center>

The Masquerade Ball line was introduced to Habbo Valentines February 2013 and consists of 17 pieces. It is based off of Venice, a city in Italy.

Click on the furni to see more info

Masked Arch Small val13 archway - Floor Tile Small val13 floor1 - Duck Shrub Small val13 shrub duck - Venetian Shrub Small val13 shrub circ - Grass Patch (Valentines) Small val13 grass

Roses Small val13 roses - Gazebo Small val13 gazebo - Venetian Divider Corner Small val13 div 3 crnr - Venetian Divider Small val13 div 3

Venetian Divider Corner 2 Small val13 div 3 crnr2 - Venetian Flower Pot Small val13 flower - Venetian Lamp Small val13 lamp - Venetian Pillar Small val13 pillar

 Venetian Chair Small val13 chair - Venetian Table Small val13 table- Venetian Lantern Small val13 light - Venetian Rope Divider Venetian ropeee

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