Melting Mats (also known as Melting Carpets) is a game on Habbo.


The game usually consists of six executive carpets, placed in a rectangular shape. The host's area usually consists of a dicemaster or a holodice, along with a 3x3 square area to place the mats which are taken out. The game usually starts with all six mats placed in the playing field, and everyone storms in to play. The host explains how to play the game, and coordinates the dice numbers to the mats in this way:

[1] [2] [3]

[4] [5] [6]

For short, mat one is usually the top left corner, mat two in the top middle, mat three is the top right corner, mat four is the bottom lef corner, mat five is the bottom middle, and mat six is the bottom right corner.

When the game starts, the host will roll the dice. When a number comes up on the dice, the owner takes the same numbered mat away, and anybody who can't react fast enough to move, then touches the floor is out. The game has no p2s, p2p, rev, or auto, unless permitted by the owner (usually with a prize). The game continues. If the host rolls a number which coordinates to a numbered mat that is not in the play, a random executive mat is put in its place. The game continues until there is one winner.

Wired Melting Mats

Wired Melting Mats is a game created by Connor7395 on December 22, 2010. It is nearly the same as the usual melting mats, but under the executive mats are five red carpets, arranged so that each of the five red carpets has one end covered by part of a lodge divider. In this fashion, the five red carpets can be wired using Wired in a way so that anybody who stands on them will be teleported back to line on a furni. The red carpets are covered with the six executive mats so that anyone who stand on the executive mats will not be teleported.

Perfect Melting Mats

Connor7395's Wired Melting Mats (before extra improvements)

Connor7395 later improved the game, after not being able to afford another Red Carpet from the Marketplace (the best offer was 13 credits), he managed to buy one for six credits. He also made another big improvement by rearranging the teleports so that anybody who entered the room was teleported into the game (unless a game was in session). Anybody who was in line during the game doesn't have to reload the room; when the game ends, Connor7395 reassembles the Wired furni so that, not only anybody who enters the room gets teleported into the field, but anybody who says the word 'teleport' will get teleported into the game as well (He has also added a message to anybody who says 'teleport' or enters the room).

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