Mode is a sleek and shiny type of furniture. Mode furniture can easily be found in every Habbo Hotel. Mode comes in a variety of nine colors and includes other items, like shelving and tables, at a default color to match the furni line. The items in this line can be purchased for 1-6 coins via the hotel catalog or traded/sold on the market place. However, it may not be that all colors and items are available at once in the catalog.

"Steely functionality combined with sleek designer upholstery. The Habbo who[m] chooses this furniture is a cool urban cat - steetwise, sassy[,] and so slightly untouchable." -Habbo Catalog Description


Aquamarine (Previously known as: "Default")
Pink (Previously known as: "Candy")
*Colored items only include the following: Armchair, Sofa, Bar, Corner, Gate, Single/Double Bed. The furni items, in the hotel, will have the color next to these names.
Name Images Description(s) Regular Catalog Price Dimensions
{Color} Armchair Mode Chair Loft-style comfort. 3 1X1 (sit)
{Color} Sofa Mode Sofa Comfort for stylish couples. 4 1X2 (sit)
{Color} Bar Mode Bar Perfect for work or play. 3 1X2
{Color} Corner Mode Corner Round this corner... 3 1X1
{Color} Gate Mode Gate All bars should have one. 6 1X1 (gate:lock/open)
{Color} Single Bed Mode Single Bed Sleep tight. 3 1X3 (lay)
{Color} Double Bed Mode Bed Give yourself space to stretch out. 4 2X3 (2 lay)
Large Table Mode Dining Table Enjoy a cup of joe at this table! 3 2X2
Large Dining Table Mode Z Table Serve meals red hot! 4 2X2
Large Coffee Table Mode Table For serving a stylish latte. 3 2x2
Small Coffee Table Mode Large Coffee Table For serving a stylish latte. 1 1x1
Fireplace Fireplace Comfort in stainless steel. 5 1X2
Bookcase Mode Bookshelf Make your books more sleek. 4 1X2
Dining Chair (sit) Mode Table Chair Metallic seating experience. 3 1X1
Mini Bar Minifridge You naughty Habbo! 5 1X1 (vending)
Z Shelf Mode Small Coffee Table Tidy up or stack it high! 1 1X1

Candy and Recoloring


The 'Candy' Logo from the catalog.

Prior to a newer update, pink mode furni used to have its own placement in the catalog when colors were very limited. Some hotels still use the 'candy' furni section only for the pink mode furni.

Some furni in this line used to also have a slightly lighter tint to them. However, all furni was simply updated to the current coloring.

Only the following four items had the original candy coloring:

Candy Armchair Mode chair candy old
Candy Sofa Mode sofa candy old
Candy Single Bed Mode bed 1 candy old
Candy Double Bed Mode bed 2 candy old

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