Monkeys are pets that can be earned by playing the lost monkey app. The app was official released on September 30th 2011. The game contains three mini-games. By playing the mini-games you get exp, once you get enough you level up. Thought the game though, you'll also get a skull, some bananas, and a banana smoothie machine on Habbo. Once you reach level ten in the lost monkey app, you get the monkey on Habbo. On Habbo, you can pick the name of your monkey, you don't need to keep the same as it was in the app. However, the color you choose for your monkey in the app, stays the same. You can pick from nine colors for your monkey.

Evil Monkey


Evil Monkey in the Catalog.

For the Habboween 2012 season, Habbo released an Evil Monkey. This red, evil looking monkey could be purchased by anyone for 25 coins (Playing the Lost Monkey game was not needed). "Evil Monkey" is likely a reference to the cartoon Family Guy. This pet was released on November 1st, 2012. This means it was ironically released after Halloween, the promotion it was meant for.

Multiple Monkeys

Even though habbo ment for you to only have 1 pet monkey from the lost monkey app,some users can get 2 or more monkeys from the lost monkey app by using a diffrent machine or a new ip address.

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