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Monster Plants is a Furni category. They are similar to pets. Each habbo received 1 free seed when the plants were new to habbo. Each plant seed in stores cost 10 credits for 1 seed and 20 credits for 4 seeds. There is no guarantee that you will get a set one once you have bought the seed. Once the seed has been planted/placed in your room it can no longer be traded or sold in the marketplace.

An arrangement of Monster Plants.

Taking Care of Your Plant

Your plants need to be tended regularly, or else they die. To ensure a healthy plant, tend it every 30 hours or so. If it dies, you can use the Revival potion to bring it back to life.


A plant can only breed once, and it has to be fully grown to be able to breed. By clicking 'Breed' on the menu, it will show you what other plants in the room are available to breed with. When two plants have been bred, each habbo receives another seed, however, mutations may occur in the seed resulting in gaining a higher level. For example, a level 4 and another level 4 breed together, and a mutation occurs, causing a habbo to receive a level 5 seed.


  • There are more than 160,000 different variations. There are 11 different forms, mouths, noses, colors and eyes each.
  • The rarity for each Monster Plant ranges from Abundant to Mythic.

Monster Plant Graphic Dump

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