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"Check out the Mood Lights. Use these items to dim the light in your rooms. Try out different light settings with different wallpapers to see what you get. Talk about lighting with style!"

Mood Lights, previously known as Dimmers, are a type of wall furni that allows players to change the lighting of their room. The original Mood Light was released in 2008 and the other 4 mood lights were released with New Habbo, in 2009. All 5 mood lights work exactly the same.


  • The original Mood Light is typically located in the Accessories category.
  • The original Mood Light costs 12 coins in the catalog and the others only cost 10.


Double-clicking on the furni opens a window that allows you to configure the mood light. One of seven colors (light blue, dark blue, purple, red, yellow, and green) can be picked. The slider is dragged to adjust the shade, with darker shades on the left side and lighter shades on the right. If the "Background only" box is checked, the mood light only applies to the walls and floors and not the entire room.

Having different colors of wallpaper and floors can create a different effect with the mood light.


  • Mood Lights are useful for creating an appropriate mood to go along with the room's theme. For example, haunted houses may have a dark black setting. Dark purple applied to the entire room can be used to simulate the lighting in a nightclub.
  • Before the New Habbo update, it was possible to completely darken the room. It's not possible anymore.
    • Hide and Seek was a game in which mood lights were used. The mood light, when adjusted to the darkest setting possible, allowed players to hide in the darkness, making them invisible.
  • With red wallpaper and floors and the mood light set to the darkest purple, it's possible to make the walls and floor disappear (like removing walls for VIP).
  • The Original, yellow, mood light was released on March 20, 2008. This was during the Shockwave phase of the Habbo client.
  • The 4 newest Mood lights were released on September 2, 2009.


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