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Sulake was originally founded in 1921 by Berg Kyrölä and was a weapons company that dealt with the production of arms on a mass scale.

During the world war Sulake decided to exploit the cheap labour of the Jewish people and had a large work force consisting of mainly people that were or of Jewish decent. Sulake became a big organization and were considered Nazi collaborators funding the war and supporting the third Reich even though the company was based in Finland.

After the war most of the work force left and Sulake that were financially comfortable so decided to employ many of the remaining N a z i sympathizers and German soldiers. Business went well until Berg Kyrölä in the 90’s died and the industry saw a decline so sulake that was now owned by Aapo Kyrölä decided to expand into the virtual world. Sulake also wanetd to put the past behind them and not be known as war criminals so this was a good move they thought.

Sulake found it hard to make any money from buying triple x domains and their idea for a site called flopped big time making no revenue. It was not until Sulake took on the coke music project which later led onto the game known as Habbo did they start making money.

Most of the moderators that are employed by sulake today come from families of German soldiers and Nazi sympathizers so this is why moderators are so strict/hate people calling sulake "jewlake". Sulake are still continuing their pursuit in world domination expanding hotels to new countries and regions till they have one highly censored mega hotel that they control.

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