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Myth bunnies was a campaign ran in February 2010 to promote safety within the hotel. The Myth bunnies were in the hotel to "set the record strait" and teach about "myths, outragious claims, dubious scams and how to outsmart scammers!" One of the main competitions of the Myth Bunny campaign was to create a help desk, man it and give information out to users. An undercover judge would then visit your help desk and see if it was fit to reward the owner Myth Bunny status. 25 help desks were picked overall which makes the badge rewarded rare.


Here is a list of the help desk winners.

Habbo Scammer Prevention Hotline - Owned by: NYCTechMater

YELP! Help Center [Hiring] - Owned by: Sox-Boy

Barbie - Mythbunnies Center. - Owned by: Mikeism

>>>MythBunnies HELP DESK!!<< - Owned by: trancing

Anti-scaming Agency - Owned by: dyvanamic

habhelp helpdesk - Owned by: ihop22

Tranquility Help Desk - Owned by: wtc-brandon

MythBunnies Help Desk - Owned by: Plah

MythBunnies Help Center - Owned by: Sasoui

[Alk] Habbo Help Desk - Owned by: Alkea

Sam's Space Help Center - Owned by: Xx....U....xX

Mikey's Bunny HelpDesk - Owned by: Monalisa?

BANG! Help Desk :) - Owned by: Gina=me

[HTH] Happy To Help! - Owned by: Bailed

Habbo Bunny Help Desk - Owned by: Zoekimball

~!~ MythBunnies HelpDesk ~!~ <GO> - Owned by: awsomepaul123

Mythbunnies Help Center - Owned by: -Takedown-

cmythbunnies help groupc - Owned by: labandera

[WPA] Bunny HelpDesk - Owned by: CreptII

IIIMythBunnies Scammer PreventionIII - Owned by: LordGold

Helping Helpers :) - Owned by: Forest-Nuclear

MythBunny Scamming Prevention - Owned by: Dalmus

J-Jellin's Help Desk - Owned by: J-Jellin

[HH] Habbo Helpers - Owned by: yoyoyoyi

Bunneh Buster Help Pod - Owned by: J-Raviv

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