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Habbo New Year is typically celebrated immediately after the yearly Christmas events. Typically, Party furniture is promoted, Resolutions are encouraged (sometimes with badges), and new furniture (featuring the upcoming year number) are traditionally released.

 ??? - 2008/2009

  • ???


The first, of the now traditional, New Year signs was released.


Fireworks and skyscrapers are released.



In recognition of the "2012 Dooms Day Phenomenon", Habbo released Mayan-themed furniture for the 2012/2013 New Year celebrations. (Read more here, on Wikipedia.)

Also, a new type of trophy was released for completing "New Years Resolutions". Each user was given one free trophy and are able to choose from a selection of achievements to improve. Additional trophies could be purchased for 5 coins.

New "Mayan" Furni

  • Mayan Calender : 7c*
  • Mayan Building Block : 2c
  • Mayan Cup : 1c
  • Mayan Clock : 12c
  • Mayan Chair : 5c
  • Flaming Comet : 7c
  • Mayan Floor : 3c
  • Mayan Wall : 5c
  • Fireworks Wolf Purple/Blue : 10c

Other New Furni

  • New Year Resolution Trophy : 5c
  • (Coming Soon): 2013 Countdown Sign
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