'Loading Screen Memorial' clips of the old loading screen made into a poster.

Old Habbo is a term that refers to the older versions of Habbo. The Old Habbo "era" is considered 2000 - 2007, although some players have argued that 2007 shouldn't be part of the era.


Old Habbo has been described by most players as "a simpler time". All of the hotels except for Habbo Turkey were in the Old Habbo era when they first opened.


Old Habbo is known for the various notable features that were taken away in many updates.

† - Since BattleBall and SnowStorm were released in 2007 for most hotels, some players argue that they shouldn't be included in the list.

Many players have also claimed there were less scams and most people played for the main aspect of socialization instead of furniture and trading.

Old Habbo can still be played through "Old School" Habbo Retros, because colloquially, they mimic the older versions of Habbo.

Other definitions

Old Habbo can also refer to the hotel back before New Habbo and when the Flash client became the main client.


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