Pad of Stickies
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Stick them on your wall!

Furni Line Line-Accessories Accessories
Original Release Unknown edit
Tradeable No
Shop Price 3 Credits
Purpose Storage
Type Wall
Value Not tradeable
Technical Data
ID 4221
String W-4221
Furni Data

A sticky (officially called Pad of Stickies) is a piece of Habbo furniture where you can write things onto them. They are like sticky notes in real life.

How they work

Stickies can be written on. When a player writes on the stickie, the writing is permanently left there until the owner deletes it. Stickies are often found in games, where game records, instructions and hall of fames can be written on the stickies. Stickies can have comments written on them as well describing how cool the room is. Sometimes, stickies are put in mazes, whereas people can write how far they got.

In order to let guests place their own stickies on your walls, you must have a Sticky Pole.

Stickies cannot be picked up using :pickall, but you can delete them by clicking the sticky and clicking the trash can on the top.

When rights are given players who usually "Trash" rooms they usually write bad things/ swearing words on the stickies. It is very common to do that when they have trashed your room so if it happens to you, be sure to check the stickies after you get your furni back on track!

Common uses

  • In armies, police stations, and other role play situations to provide information about ranks, promotions, FAQs, etc.
  • In games
    • To show prices for p2s, kick, rev.
    • To show rules and instructions for the game.
    • In The Sims, to show the number-event key.
  • Used to show rules in a general room (No swearing, no flooding, etc.).
  • Comments about the room.
  • A "dedication sticky", where a sticky is dedicated to one specific player.
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