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Habbo has its own parents guide! Yes! It's something that all the parents of child Habbos should read if they are concerned or curious on what is going on or how things work within Habbo. Please note: this was written with British grammar by Habbo, other English spellings of several words are put in [brackets].

Habbo's Parents Guide

What is Habbo?

"Habbo is a virtual world where teenagers socialise [socialize] with each other using personalised [personalized] avatars. The virtual world is based around the concept of a Hotel that features 'public' rooms created by Habbo where all players can chat and private 'guest' rooms created by other players. Teenagers are able to furnish their Habbo guest rooms with items of virtual furniture and may choose to adopt and look after a virtual pet. Habbo is a vibrant community which regularly hosts events ranging from celebrity visits to creative games and online safety initiatives.

Does it cost anything for my teen to play Habbo?

Teenagers are able to register an account, check in to Habbo and interact with other users for free. Habbos can opt to purchase premium elements of the game such as virtual furniture, Habbo Club and VIP subscriptions which gives them access to additional features. However, these are entirely voluntary and can only be obtained if the user chooses to utilise [utilize] them.

These 'extras' are paid for with Habbo's "currency" (called Habbo Credits). Credits can be purchased via a number of secure methods such as the home telephone, text message or with a Credit or Debit card. All our payment systems have limits to prevent overspending and we make it very clear that players should ask permission before using them.

Is my teen safe on Habbo?

Habbo is moderated every hour it is open by a team of highly trained, police vetted adult Moderators. Teenagers who feel threatened, unsafe or uncomfortable can gain help from moderation staff at any time via a clearly marked '?' button which is accessible at all times they are inside Habbo.

In addition, Habbo employs filtering technologies which hide offensive or inappropriate chat. We also use filters to make it difficult for teenagers to exchange of personal information (such as mobile/landline phone numbers, addresses etc.).

At Habbo we take safety very seriously and are committed to educating teenagers on the best ways to stay safe on the Internet."

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