In winter 2008, Habbo released a total of 26 penguins and each day you received a new one from 12/1/08-12/26/08 (providing your e-mail was activated). They are all untradable except for the Penguin Gift, in which you would receive for collecting all 26. You can also recycle penguins with the Ecotron.

List of Penguins

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Image Name 2008 Release Order Secondary Releases Dates Released Snowflake Cost (If ever given an option) Description Notes
Penguin basic Emperor Penguin112/01/2008Aptenodytes Forsteri
Penguin suit anim Executive Penguin212/02/2008Aptenodytes Loman
Penguin infected anim Infected Penguin312/03/2008Aptenodytes Bacterium
Penguin clown Clown Penguin412/04/2008Aptenodytes Pennywise
Penguin bunny anim Bunny Penguin512/05/2008Aptenodytes Euripides
Penguin rock anim Disco Penguin612/06/2008Aptenodytes Foxy
Penguin ballet anim Ballerina Penguin7-Winter 2010-2011 12/07/2008 + 11/23/20102 Snowflakes (Removed for Winter 2011-2012)Aptenodytes Vaganova
Penguin magician Magic Penguin812/08/2008Aptenodytes Houdini
Penguin hunchback anim Beautiful Penguin912/09/2008Aptenodytes Narcissus
Penguin musketeer anim Musketeer Penguin1012/10/2008Aptenodytes Aramis
Penguin ski anim Ski Penguin (Originally "XC Penguin") 1112/11/2008Aptenodytes Swish
Penguin pilot anim Pilot Penguin12Was also a reward item from Habbo Australia; for winning a room competition based around flying.12/12/2008Aptenodytes Biggles
Penguin hockey Hockey Penguin13-Winter 201012/13/2008 + 11/23/20103 Snowflakes (Removed for Winter 2011-2012)Aptenodytes Gretzky
Penguin swimmer anim Summer Penguin1412/14/2008Aptenodytes Buubar
Penguin pirate anim Pirate Penguin1512/15/2008Aptenodytes Silver
Penguin cowboy anim Cowboy Penguin1612/16/2008Aptenodytes Hickok
Penguin wrestler anim Luchador Penguin (Wrestling) 1712/17/2008Aptenodytes Mysterioso
Penguin robot anim Robot Penguin18Also released for the 2012 'Kick Wars' promotion around the world. Players would make it to the treasure room between certain dates to recieve this penguin.12/18/2008 + 5/8/2012Aptenodytes Asimov
Penguin glow Fluorescent Penguin (Glow) 1912/19/2008Aptenodytes Gamma
Penguin punk anim Punk Penguin2012/20/2008Aptenodytes Rotter
Penguin skater anim Skater Penguin2112/21/2008Aptenodytes Arto
Penguin ninja anim Ninja Penguin2212/22/2008Aptenodytes Hamburger
Penguin sumo anim Sumo Penguin2312/23/2008Aptenodytes Musashimaru
Penguin super anim Superhero Penguin2412/24/2008Aptenodytes Kirby
Penguin elf anim Christmas Penguin25Awarded in Lost Monkey for a promotional Christmas gift.12/25/2008Aptenodytes JollyThis was to honor 'Santa', a traditional figure on Christmas Day. Also released in a Lost Monkey promotion on December 22, 2011[1] However, was strangely referred to as an "Elf" by Habbo, in a news article [2].
Penguin boxer anim Boxer Penguin26 12/26/2008Aptenodytes AliThis was released to honor Canada's National 'Boxing Day' in 2008.


  • In the Xmas 2011 events, a strange image was released of four different santa furni object in the hotel and promoted The Santa Butler rare. However, the santa penguin shown was not the santa penguin that already exists. [3]

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