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"A piñata contains one of 5 possible collectible items, some more common than others. Each piñata has its own unique set of possible items and the contents of piñatas can not be found anywhere else in the catalogue."

The Piñatas furni line was released on July 19, 2013. It was released as part of the Habbo Palooza campaign. It consists of two different furni's and an effect. The basic premise of the line is that you need to buy the effect, which is a Piñata Stick used to whack the Piñata, then while wearing the effect you have to walk under one of the Piñata furni's in order to whack it.
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The Pinata furni requires 100 'hits' to break it open and to gain the furni inside of it, which one of ten different guitar statues.


Both Pinatas require 100 hits to crack them open.

Small hblooza pinata1 Rainbow Pinata - Small hblooza pinata2 Ultra Rare Pinata


Each guitar is named after Habbo furni lines/furni.

Small hblooza guitar1 Lost Tribe Guitar - Small hblooza guitar2 Country Guitar - Small hblooza guitar3 Diner Guitar - Small hblooza guitar4 Cubie Guitar - Small hblooza guitar5 Battle Banzai Guitar - Small hblooza guitar6 Alhambra Guitar - Small hblooza guitar7 Gothic Guitar - Small hblooza guitar8 Steam Punk Guitar - Small hblooza guitar9 Sci Fi Guitar - Small hblooza guitar10 Streets of Bobba Guitar


A rare guitar was released as a promotional furni that was gained when buying 120 credits between a time period.

Small hblooza guitar11 80s Rare Guitar


Two sets of achievements were released for the Piñata furni line. Each set is involved with hitting the Piñata furnis.

Pinata Whacker

This set of achievements requires you to hit a Piñata furni a required amount of times.
ACH pinatawhacker1 - ACH pinatawhacker2 - ACH pinatawhacker3 - ACH pinatawhacker4 - ACH pinatawhacker5 - ACH pinatawhacker6 - ACH pinatawhacker7 - ACH pinatawhacker8 - ACH pinatawhacker9 - ACH pinatawhacker10

Pinata Breaker

This set of achievements requires you to be the person to hit a Piñata furni the last time before it cracks open a certain number of times.
ACH pinatabreaker1 - ACH pinatabreaker2 - ACH pinatabreaker3 - ACH pinatabreaker4 - ACH pinatabreaker5

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