Pixel effects

Ancestor Poster This page is about a past event, feature, or other object that has been removed from Habbo. To maintain the article's accuracy, please avoid adding new information that isn't sourced.

Pixel effects are special effects that could be purchased from the catalogue using pixels (in some cases pixels and credits). A Pixel effect would add a special graphical feature to a user. Most pixel effects were available to all users but some were exclusive for VIP members.

Original Effects

These were effects that were there from the start, they were avaliable to everyone and were relatively cheap.

Twinkle - 89 Pixels - Twinkle like the star you are!

Spotlight - 98 Pixels - Shine the light on me!

Yellow UFO - 139 Pixels - Unidentified yellow flying object.

Pink UFO - 139 Pixels - Unidentified pink flying object.

Blue UFO - 139 Pixels - Unidentified blue flying object.

Yellow Hoverboard - 139 Pixls - As yellow as a submarine.

Pink Hoverboard - 139 Pixels - The future of transportation in pink.

Blue Hoverboard - 139 Pixels - The future of transportation

Microphone - 89 Pixels - Sing the night away!

HRJP-3000 - 139 Pixels - Habbo Rocket Jet Pack.

Love Birds - 89 Pixels - Exciting and new!

Invisible - 89 Pixels - Use your power for good!

Frozen - 89 Pixels - Ice cold!

Flies - 89 Pixels - Time to take a bath?

Fireflies - 89 Pixels - Light my fire!

Butterflies - 89 Pixels - Not only in your stomach.

Torch - 89 Pixels - Light the dark corners of your existence.

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