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Pixel Press was Habbo Australia's weekly newsletter. The newsletter was given out on every Friday (except for a period during school holidays).


Every Friday, a submission for Pixel Press was given out on so Habbos can have a chance to win two different prizes.


Habbos were able submit a poem about anything in the news recently in particular or just about Habbo. The prize was a typewriter, a super rare.


An article is something that Habbos write. It would sometimes be a 'How To'. The prize was a typewriter.


Reviews were written by Habbos which describe a particular thing. The five types of reviews were book reviews, movie reviews, concert reviews (generally a music review), game reviews and book reviews. The prize was a typewriter.

Motto Spot

Motto Spot was a unique event. Habbos sent in unusual mottos that other Habbos have seen and was displayed talking bubbles. The prize was a gold coin worth ten credits.

Did U Know?

"Did U Know?" was another unique event. Habbos sent in true and weird facts that not many people know. The prize was a gold coin.


Habbos sent in jokes which can be lame, silly and classic. The prize was a gold coin.

ZOMG Moments!

"ZOMG Moments!" were (often embarrassing) stories that Habbos can sent in. The prize was a gold coin.

Ask the Staff

Ask The Staff was a question players could ask the staff members. Habbos wrote a question down for staff and they answered it. One or two usually got in the Pixel Press. The prize was a gold coin.

Habbo Blog

Habbo Blogs were described by a Habbo who has had an interesting week. The prize was a gold coin.

Habbo Rant

Habbo Rants were rants sent in by Habbos. The prize was a gold coin.

WWWW - Cool stuff found on the web

Habbos submitted unusual websites that have been found on the internet (e.g.: Dancing paintings). The prize was a gold coin.


Habbos were able to provide the URL to unusual YouTube videos. The prize was a gold coin. During one Pixel Press, Elkah, one of Habbo Staff, won for providing a cool video.

Habbo Spotlight

The Habbo Spotlight was when a random staff member walks into a random room and said, "Who wants to be Habbo Spotlight?". The first person to say "Me" got to have a one-on-one chat and the staff asked questions (e.g. "What is your favorite sport?"). The prize was a gold coin.

Room of the Week

Room of the Week was where Habbos sent in pictures of cool rooms. The best room was shown as room of the week. The prize was a gold coin.

Other things

Other things that weren't able to be submitted include Stop Presses (where Habbo Staff announce that a celebrity would come on Habbo), and Staff Blogs.

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