"Every room needs a plant! Not only do they bring a bit of the outside inside, they also enhance the air quality! And what better gift for a friend than a beautiful rose or elegant fruit tree..."

Article Floristeria


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Pineapple Plant Plant pineapple- Small Cactus Plant cactus 2- Cut SunflowerPlant sunflower- Bonsai TreePlant bonzai- Vase of Flowers Plant flowers

Mature CactusPlant cactus 1- Yucca Plant Plant yukka- Cherry Tree Plant fruittree- Cut Roses Plant roses

Maze Shrubbery Nhjinkj - Maze Shrubbery Gate Fcghlghugvchygfd - Bulrush Vfhmfvgjm - Grass Patch (Plants) Xfjnfhgdh - Bush Divider Fcdkmhfjgjmk

Bush Gate Divider Hymkfhvmj

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