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Old plastic menu

An older catalog selection.

, commonly called "Plasto", is a line of furni with 6 base objects. However, the base parts of this collection may be found in a large variety of colors. Even more interesting however is that certain colors can vary greatly in value due to removal from catalogue. The plasto line ended on May 12, 2012, all with a huge promotion to recycle your plastic. See Ecotron.


Plasto Chair

Chair red Chair orange Chair beige Chair yellow Chair yellow dark Chair green Chair aqua Chair ocean Chair blue light Chair hc Chair purple Chair lila Chair pink Chair brown Chair white Black Plasto Chair


The pod chair is the most popular piece of plastic furni. It is used in many room designs and games, most notably "Defend Your Pod."

Pod red Pod orange Pod beige Pod yellow Pod green Pod aqua Pod ocean Pod blue Pod purple Pod pink Pod brown Pod white Black Pod Chair

Four-leg Table

Rectangle redRectangle orange Rectangle beige Rectangle yellow dark Rectangle yellowRectangle greenRectangle aqua Rectangle ocean Rectangle blue light Rectangle blue Rectangle purple Rectangle pink Rectangle brownRectangle white Black four-leg table

Square Dining Table

Square red Square orange Square beige Square yellow Square yellow dark Square green Square aqua Square ocean Square blue light Square blue Square purple Square pink Square brown Square white Black Square Dining Table

Round Dining Table

Round red Round orange Round beige Round yellow Round yellow dark Round green Round aqua Round ocean Round blue light Round blue Round purple (1) Round pink Round brown Round white

Occasional Table

Small red Small orange Ddd Small yellow Small yellow dark Small green Small aqua Small ocean Small blue light Small blue Small purple Small pink Small brown Ng a Occasional table

Common Colors

Buying Plastic

This is also the order in which these colors were available in the catalog.

Note that Pods typically only had limited colors; White, Green, Teal, Light Blue, Brown, Purple, Blue, Rainbow, Clear, Black, and Pink, in they're final available colors in the English hotel.

"HC" Aqua In an early HC promotion, HC members had an opportunity of obtaining these items. Later they could be traded/sold to anyone in the hotel.

Limited edition Plasto sets

With the removal of plasto furni Habbo introduced new sets into the Shop for a limited amount of time.

Pink Plasto

Pink plasto

The pink plastic line was introduced into the catalogue for mothers day. It is one of the see through plastos and they were really cheap.

Pink Plasto Chair - 1C

Pink Pod Chair - 1C

Pink Four-leg Table - 1C

Pink Square Dining Table - 1C

Pink Round Dining Table - 1C

Pink Occasional Table - 1C

Translucent Plasto

Plasto clear (1)

These were the first of the goodbye plasto

range and are translucent (see through.) Same as the pink plastos they had a catalogue value of 1c each

Black Plasto

Ecotron 3

Habbo wanted users to recycle their plasto furni so they created a special section of the ecotron which would only need three pieces of plastic furni in return for "Black Plasto."

Like the normal ecotron, what you got in return tiered on different rarity levels.

Phenomenal (1:100) - The black plasto set.

Arcane (1:10) - Black round dining table and chair OR Black round dining table, occasional table and rectangular table.

Common - Any one of the set.

Reecycle plastoxcfvgbn

LTD Plastic

Again this line of limited edition plastos was released with the demise of plasto furni. Considered to be the rarest

Rainbow plasto
of the plasto furni (considering 200 of each was made - Pod 1000) these consist of rainbow colours as a memorial to the rainbow nature of plastos.

LTDpic -9 LTDpic -12 LTDpic -13 LTDpic -10 LTDpic -11 LTDpic -8

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