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Puffin is a former staff member of

Puffin was a hotel manager for She was formerly the hotel manager for Habbo Canada along with Gingerly. After the US-Canada merge, Puffin kept her job as hotel manager, unlike Gingerly, working with Fozzie and SmoothCriminal, untill both had departed in 2011, leaving Puffin as the only hotel manager. Soon after the departure, Neja and Kitano both came along working as hotel managers with Puffin, but Puffin became the senior hotel manager. In real life, she lives in Toronto, Canada. She was rumoured to have been fired in 2012, during the Sulake staff cuts.


  • She was originally staff (Community Manager) at the Norweigan Hotel, where her Habbo was called Aurora. She then moved from Norway to Canada.
  • Puffin once appeared in the Theatredome along with Gingerly to announce the winners of a competition on Habbo Canada. Because many Habbos wouldn't stop talking and flooding the room, Puffin lost her temper and blurted out "Shut the f*** up!". Puffin apologized seconds later.
  • From December 5, 2005 until September 7, 2007, Puffin was hotel manager of Habbo Norway.
  • Puffin is one of the longest players to be admin, She was well known when Fozzie and SmoothCriminal were still admins. She isn't much online nowadays with the new admins like Kitano and Neja.
  • Puffin was the head of a Habboween 2011 group called the Dawn Fighters, but in the end her team lost to Kitano's Serpents of Doom.
  • She is answering the ideas and bugs in the Habbo Uservoice Forum, called "Linn".
  • 2013 - Puffin no longer works for habbo. Her habbo home is hidden.
  • Her current motto, which is viewable in-game, reads "G'Bye & thanks for all the fish!".  This is a reference to the book So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish which is the fourth book in the Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy series.

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  • Gingerly - the second Habbo CA Hotel Manager

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