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"This collection breathes fresh, clean air and col tranquility. Use it to create a haven away from the hullabaloo of the public spaces or your life outside the hotel."

Article puraextension

Sulake-made art for introducing 2011 extensions.

Pura mostly consists of couches, in which may be placed together to make a 'sectional style' couch. The section also includes shelving, a lamp, and a refrigerator to go with the furni selection. Pura can be purchased with Duckets and Credits.

In October, 2011, extensions to this collection were released. The new additions included matching colors of "quarter-round[s]" stools, 'Block' and 'Bubble' lamps, and adjustable 'Blocks'. All released quarter-rounds and blocks were colored/designed to retrofit the older furni items.

List of Furni

*Colored items only include all but the following: Block Lamp, Bubble Lamp, Lamp, Mini Bar, Refrigerator, and Shelves.
Name Images Description(s) Regular Catalog Price Dimensions
{Color} Double Bed Pura bed2 Stretch out.

3 Coins

45 Duckets

3X2 (2 lay)
{Color} Single Bed Pura bed1 All you need for a good night's sleep.

3 Coins

45 Duckets

3X1 (lay)
{Color} Pura Block PurablockPurablocklevels Pura adjustable blocks

2 Coins

30 Duckets

1X1 (5 Heights)
{Color} Egg Chair Pura eggchair Sunny side up!

4 Coins

60 Duckets

1X1 (Sit)
{Color} Straight Module Pura module3 Create your own funky furni designs.

2 Coins

30 Duckets

1X1 (Sit)
{Color} Corner Module Pura module4 Create your own funky furni designs.

2 Coins

30 Duckets

1X1 (Sit)
{Color} Left Module Pura module1 Create your own funky furni designs. 2 1X1 (Sit)
{Color} Right Module Pura module2 Create your own funky furni designs. 2 1X1 (Sit)
{Color} Quarter-Round Puracorner Four quarters make a whole round! 2 1X1 (Sit)
{Color} Square Module Pura module5 Create your own funky furni designs. 1 1X1 (Sit)
Pura Block Lamp Purablocklamp Pure design 3 1X1
Pura Bubble Lamp Purabubblelamp Bubbl-icious lighting! 3 1X1
Pura Lamp Pura Lamp Switch on the atmosphere with this sophisticated lamp. 3 1X1
Pura Minibar Pura minibar Fancy a drink? 4 1X1 (Vending)
Pura Refrigerator Pura Fridge Keep cool with a chilled snack or drink. 6 1X1 (Vending)
Pura Shelves Pura Bookcase A bookcase for every room. 3 2X1


  • For a long time, until the October 2011 additions, the sofa modules were named the following:
Original Name Current Name
{Color} pura module 1 {Color} Left Module
{Color} pura module 2 {Color} Right Module
{Color} pura module 3 {Color} Straight Module
{Color} pura module 4 {Color} Corner Module
{Color} pura module 5 {Color} Square Module
  • Strangely, the Aquamarine Square Module is missing "Aquamarine" in front of its name. Also, it is out of order to fit the other colors as well. This is likely just a bug.
  • In the art made By:Sulake for the 2011 extension update, there is a small grapic bug in the right corner, making the Black Quarter-Round, Red Pura Block, and floor messed up.
  • The fridge gives the following hand items at random: Ice Cream, Carrot, Tea.
  • Egg Chairs also had a version on Coke studios, but with a yellow back.

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