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Purse icon
The purse was an item on the 'Taskbar', which would indicate the amount of credits(or "coins") a Habbo had in their inventory.

For every coin/credit a Habbo had, a coin was placed in the purse to represent it. If the Habbo gained over 100 coins/credits, the purse would show an image of a pile of coins. An empty purse would show a comical illustration of flies swarming the interior of the purse. (See Gallery)


The purse consisted of two buttons. The "Vouchers" button, where Habbos redeemed voucher codes to receive coins and the "View transactions" button, where clicking on it would show the history of purchased coins/credits. Below the coin viewer in the purse, it would show how many gaming tickets a Habbo had and the number of films in the Habbo's camera.


In one of the updates, during Old Habbo times, the purse was merged into the catalog. However, the purse itself was never brought into the catalog, and was functionally replaced by a field on the main page of the catalog displaying numbers. The Purse remained as a decorative item on the same page of the catalog. It was soon removed, and replaced with a coin amount status bar in the top right corner of the client.


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