An example of a race room

A race is a user-moderated game. It is by far one of the oldest games on the history of Habbo. In a race, the room would be set up with at least 2 sofas (or 4 chairs) on two sides of the room. When the host says "Go!", the players have to run to the other side of the sofas/chairs and back to the original place. The last one to get to their seat loses and is asked to P2s, kik, rev, or go back on the line. The game repeats over and over again until there is one person left. The winner usually ends up winning a furni prize. The race game is the most common known game to causing or using up lag. Also, in a race, false starts could happen. A false start is when a player runs before the host even says "Go!" and this causes a game to restart again.


Also, in a Habbo modern race room, there are sometimes obstacles set up. For example, the host will lay down other furni infront of the sofas/chairs such as another stool and another chair infront of that stool and maybe there could be a roller included. This makes the race game harder to challenge and it takes more time than usual running back and forth.

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