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In The Habbo News

Habbo and Radio 1 present The Surgery Web chats. Always wanted to chime in? Here's your chance to be heard! The Surgery, run on Radio 1 by Aled Jones, talks with teens about the issues that affect them today.

Next week from Monday to Thursday, The Surgery will be coming to Habbo!

Radio One experts will be available to talk in Habbo from 8pm and then also during Aled’s live Radio One show from 9- 10pm BST (GMT+1). Aled will be popping in during his show too, so tune in, and come down for advice or a chat with the experts.

We regret to inform you that these events had to be cancelled due to technical difficulties, if you have questions you wanted to ask Aled and the experts, click here »


  • The surgery is the only visitor to habbo to pull out.

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