A rare name is a term for a username which is considered popular. These usernames are usually highly sought after, and some Habbo's have been known to buy them for personal use.

What makes a name rare?

A name is usually considered rare,

  • If the name is a word used in real life (e.g. Hello, Boy, Girl, Light, Clown, etc.)
  • If the name is a real first name (e.g. Chris, Kelly, John, Joe, James, Ben, etc.)
  • If the name has 2 or less characters, depending on the hotel (e.g. th, ps, Q, K, am, pm, etc.)
  • If the name is a number less than 100 (e.g., 1, 2, 5, 16, etc.)
  • If the name is a smiley or has an alt code (e.g. -.-, :D, Hěy)
  • If the name has a now discontinued character (e.g., Skye#, Anne$, Year^)
  • If the name has forbidden characters (e.g ; + ^ } ] ) * & ¨)

How it's not

A name, in some cases, is not considered rare because...

  • The name is a combination of two words (e.g. HabboTower, SourMilk, etc.)
  • The name has excessive numbers (e.g. Hockeyfan28492 is not rare)
  • The name has .: :. or a period or comma at the beginning or end (e.g. .:Hot4U:., Habbo., Television.)
  • The name is a word, but has a prefix or suffix, most likely -s, -ed, -eds, or -ing. However, some groups may allow such names. (e.g. Books, Watched, Dying, etc.).
  • Generally names that are deemed rare by the Habbo populace were created in 2001 or 2002 for the UK website, and 2004 for the US Habbo.

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