Respects were introduced in late October 2008 as part of the Achievements update.

Each player receives 3 respects to give out each day.

You only get this option if you have registered your e-mail and played for a number of days. This is to make sure players don't make clones to get free respects.

An example of being respected


You can get badges for giving and earning respects.

You get a 'Nice as Pie!' badge for giving out 100 respects. This takes a minimum of 34 days to complete.

When reaching a certain number of respects earned, you receive a badge (see Respect Achievement).


  • During the few days after Respects came out, a huge number of people started to respect each other. Some were even yelling out "RESPECT 4 RESPECT". After about a week, this frenzy calmed down.
  • Some Habbos host respect giveaways. The host would offer furni in exchange for 3 respects.
  • Respects can also be used to p2s in games. Instead of furni, the player would give the host 3 respects to stay in the game. Many hosts think this method is pointless.

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