An example of being respected

Respect badges vary on how many times you have been respected.

Picture Earned by
ACH RespectEarned1 Being respected once.
ACH RespectEarned2 Being respected 6 times.
ACH RespectEarned3 Being respected 16 times.
ACH RespectEarned4 Being respected 66 times.
ACH RespectEarned5 Being respected 166 times.
ACH RespectEarned6 Being respected 366 times.
ACH RespectEarned7 Being respected 566 times.
ACH RespectEarned8 Being respected 766 times.
ACH RespectEarned9 Being respected 966 times.
ACH RespectEarned10 Being respected 1166 times.

Achievement Badges
True HabboLooks That KillEmail VerificationThe GraduateHabbo StudentHappy HourMaster of Words5 Words of WisdomNice as Pie!Trade PassLogin AchievementRespect AchievementInvitation AchievementOnline Time AchievementBattle RoyalPet Scratched AchievementPet Scratching AchievementPet Training AchievementPet Feeding AchievementNew IdentityGift Giving AchievementGift Receiver Achievement

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