Ancestor Poster This page is about a past event, feature, or other object that has been removed from Habbo. To maintain the article's accuracy, please avoid adding new information that isn't sourced.

All 4 screens. (Click to enlarge)

When Old Habbo was around, Habbo had something called a 'Room-o-Matic' which was an alternative way to just pressing the 'Create room' button on the navigator.


In many Official Rooms (also known as "Public Rooms" in old Habbo), you could use the Room-O-Matic machines posted around the room. You can still see the machines in some Public rooms (like the Basement Lobby.) However, with the New Habbo update, these no longer work and are just for show.


  • When you made a room from the Navigator, you would still use the Room-o-matic screen. (Even though you may not have been in an Official Room).

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