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Released from on October 6th, 2012, "Streetz" is a freeroam driving game. This is the first game that can be used to interact with non-Habbo players and is also downloadable for the pc.



Getting First!

Each race begins with a countdown from 1 minute. And then each time a player enters the time lessens. Then the game begins. It starts with 10 players and each player has to go around the arena getting to certain check points. You move around using the arrow keys, Up - Forward, Right - Turn Right, Left - Turn Left, Down - Reverse. These checkpoints let you earn points. At the end of 2 minutes the game ends, and it shows you, your ranking in the game. You can also check your ranking while playing the game at the bottom of the game next to the time left. The player with this highest amount of points wins.


Here is a play through of the desktop version of the game Streetz.

Habbo Streetz Playthrough02:47

Habbo Streetz Playthrough

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