The Shalimar line was released for Valentines Day, 2009. It is based on Bollywood.


The line was re-released in November 2013 for just 24 hours.

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Window Shalimar window- Pink Curtain Shalimar curtain pink- Ornamental Floor Tile Shalimar floor 1- Fountain Shalimar fountain- Yellow Curtain Shalimar curtain yellow

Large square table Shalimar table - Basic Floor Tile Shalimar floor 2 - Vase of Flowers Shalimar vase- Desk Shalimar divider

Chandelier Shalimar lamp- Green Curtain Shalimar curtain green- Monkey Lamp Shalimar apelamp- Elephant Minibar Shalimar elephant- Corner Shalimar corner

Pillow Shalimar pillow- Swing Shalimar swing- Palm Tree Shalimar palm- Lotus Pool Shalimar lotus

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