Skateboarding was first introduced to the hotel on the 27th of June 2011.


The effect can be bought from the pixel section for 139 pixels if you are HC and lasts for an hour. If you are not HC you have to pay 1 coin for the effect but it lasts for a week.

Skateboarding Badges

With the release habbo also added some achievement badges to entice people to use the skateboard.

You would probably want to use a booster to complete these badges.

Sliding Badges

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 010

011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020

Jumping Badges

ACH SkateBoardJump1 ACH SkateBoardJump2 ACH SkateBoardJump2 ACH SkateBoardJump4 ACH SkateBoardJump5 ACH SkateBoardJump6 ACH SkateBoardJump7 ACH SkateBoardJump8 ACH SkateBoardJump9 ACH SkateBoardJump10 ACH SkateBoardJump11 ACH SkateBoardJump12 ACH SkateBoardJump13 ACH SkateBoardJump14 ACH SkateBoardJump15 ACH SkateBoardJump16 ACH SkateBoardJump17 ACH SkateBoardJump18 ACH SkateBoardJump19 ACH SkateBoardJump20

Quest & Competition badges

COM30 Skaters Challenge 2011 - You made it to the skatepark!

COM31 Skateboarding Quiz 2011 - You got every question right!

COM36 Skaters vs. Rollers 2011 - Skaters FTW!

COM32 Unknown

Skateboarding Furni

Ramp Skate Ramp - A skatepark necessity - 3 credits

Block Skate Platform - How high can you ollie?? - 4 credits

Rail Skate Rail - Grind and jump! - 2 credits

Cans Spray Can Crate - What colour do you carry? - 4 credits

Sb tag1 Sb tag1 2 Graffiti 1 - Leave your mark. - 3 credits

Sb tag2 Sb tag2 2 Graffiti 2 - Say it, don't spray it. - 3 credits

Sb tag3 2 Tag3 Graffiti 3 - Urban art for your wall - 3 credits

Wall Concrete Wall - Urban with an edge - 3 credits

Tile Conctere Patch - For scraped knees and elbows. - 3 credits


Skateboarding trophy Skateboard Trophy - 4 credits

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