'Snowflake Gifts' was a section in the catalog for the Xmas 2011 events. It also appeared for Xmas 2010.
Snowflake Gifts

Catalog (As of: 11/23/2010)


A new type of Habbo Currency, Snowflakes were introduced in November 2010. Shortly after December 2011 all Snowflakes were removed from the game until continued in December 2012, in which all user's snowflakes were reset to zero.

During the Christmas season, snowflakes are obtainable by doing quests (see Xmas 2010 and Xmas 2011 for more details). They are used to buy some items in the Snowflake Gifts section of the catalog.

Snowflakes were again released in 2013.

Furni 2010-2011

Image Name Cost Based on (Original Item):
Santa Calender Santa Calender400 PixelsNothing
Blue Calender Blue Calender400 PixelsNothing
Penguin ballet anim Ballerina Penguin2 SnowflakesNothing
Penguin hockey Hockey Penguin3 SnowflakesNothing
Green Calender Green CalenderNot for SaleNothing
HCduck HC Trial - 7 Days *(Includes a Gold Duck)25 snowflakesDuck
VIPduck VIP Trial - 7 Days *(Includes a Black Duck)75 snowflakesDuck
Jolly Duck Jolly Duck5 snowflakes
Plain Icy Duck Plain Icy Duck5 snowflakes
Icy Bauble 1 Icy Bauble 15 snowflakes
Icy Bauble 2 Icy Bauble 25 snowflakes
Icy Bauble 3 Icy Bauble 35 snowflakes
Bench (Ice) Bench10 snowflakes
Frozen Ted Frozen Ted10 snowflakes
Pod Chair (Ice) Pod Chair10 snowflakes
Stone (Ice) Stone10 snowflakes
Chilly Table Chilly Table10 snowflakes
Ice Star Ice Star10 snowflakes
Frozen Fronds Frozen Fronds25 snowflakes
Elephant Minibar Elephant Minibar25 snowflakes
Cool Lupin Cool Lupin25 snowflakes
Ice of the Tiger Ice of the Tiger25 snowflakes
Monkey On Ice Monkey On Ice25 snowflakes
Frozen Nest Frozen Nest25 snowflakes
Frozen Pillar Frozen Pillar75 snowflakes
Woah Nelly Woah Nelly!75 snowflakes
Garden Gnome Garden Gnome75 snowflakes
Frozen Fish Frozen Fish100 snowflakes
Frozen In Time Frozen In Time125 snowflakes
Cool Club Sofa Cool Club Sofa10 coins + 25 snowflakes
Blizzard Dragon Blizzard Dragon20 coins + 75 snowflakes


Xmas calendarpilot

Green Calender?

  • There is an unobtainable Green Calender that was used many times in images (See Xmas 2010#Green for more details).
  • Quote from Habbo: "Please note: the next three days are just a taste of things to come! There will be loads of new quests and more Snowflake gifts starting on December 1st. You can even save your first Snowflakes for later, but be sure to spend them before the New Year." -Habbo Staff 11/23/2010
  • On the second day of Xmas 2010, 2 were given by accedent, possibly in an attempt to help players catch up to the 2nd Snowflake Badge.


  • The Ballerina Penguin and Hockey Penguin have both been released for free (upon simply logging in), in 2008.
  • The badge system was not released until after the first quest causing confusion (See Xmas 2010).

Involvement of coins

  • Quests requiring a simple 'double click' of an item still requires other people to buy more furni.
  • A quest in 2011/2012 had player buy a gift for another player.
  • Buying 180 coins in 2011/2012 would give players 20 additional Snowflakes. However, this promotion was released far into the promotion that year. The concpet of 'buying coins for extra snowflakes' was the controversial part.

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