Spaces is a section in the Shop that users can purchase Wallpaper and Flooring from. It holds a variety of different colors and patterns that a user can choose from. It also has a selection of 'Views' that can be added to a room to change the look of the pane on windows instead of the general clouds that pass by. Any item bought in Spaces cannot be re-used in another room. Very similar to rules with Stickies. In 2013, some wall, floor, and views were able to be purchased with Duckets.


All Wallpapers cost 3 Coins for one that covers the entire wall. In all there are exactly 178 different Wallpapers to choose from.


All Flooring cost 2 Coins for one that covers the entire floor. In all there are exactly 55 different Floors to choose from.


All Views cost 3 Coins for one that applies to any window placed in the room it's applied to. In all there are exactly 48 Views to choose from.


An incredibly old banner for Wallpaper and Flooring.

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